Women Senators Urge NFL To Adopt ‘Zero-Tolerance Policy’ For Domestic Violence




Sept. 12, 1992: Dr. Mae Jemison Becomes First African American Woman in Space

On this day in 1992, Dr. Mae Jemison became the first African American woman to travel through space. She served as Mission Specialist aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour on STS-47.

WTCI’s Alison Lebovitz discusses the legacy of the first woman of color to travel beyond the stratosphere on “The A List with Alison Lebovitz.” Watch the interview here.

Photos: NASA

Jemison appeared on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me in 2013 and told host Peter Sagal how she geeked out about Star Trek as a young woman, relished dancing in the Space Shuttle Endeavour, abhorred using diapers in space, and much more.

She also described what it felt like to finally achieve her dream of visiting space:

And I remember one time actually we flew through the Southern Lights… They’re these shimmering curtain of lights. So there’s nothing that you could have ever seen in a science fiction movie that would even come close to seeing that in person.

Pretty stellar.


Way to go Mae! Awesome lady!

How Facebook Affects Your Love Life

The world has become smaller since social media began. So it is not surprising how much weight is given to it with regards to relationships.

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Today’s daily cartoon by Benjamin Schwartz.

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"Ferguson" (poem) written by Jason Fotso, 8-18-2014

From the pens of kids. Wow.


let me repeat



Beverly Gooden is a writer who started the hashtag #WhyIStayed in response to the media’s tendency to blame survivors when prominent stories on violence against women emerge, such as the video of Ray Rice violently attacking his then-fiancee Janay Palmer in an elevator. 

#WhyIStayed has drawn attention to the complexities of the domestic violence cycle that is so difficult for many women to escape. Gooden’s campaign allowed her to share her own story of the abuse she survived. She states, “I tried to leave the house once after an abusive epiosde, and he blocked me. He slept in front of the door that entire night. I had to plan my escape for months before I even had a place to go and money for the bus to get there.” 

Gooden’s message has resonated with thousands of other Twitter users who have used the hashtag themselves to share their own stories.

Read examples of their tweets and learn more about violence against women via Mic.

The Candid Spot Picks Of The Week: DNA Love Matches, Pink Pills And Red Ties

The Candid Spot Picks Of The Week

woman on the beach

Time to share intriguing bits of news from every corner of our world. I think I found some interesting ones.

Under The Judge’s Robes

lawJudges get naughty in court too. CBS Los Angelesreported an Orange County Judge was censured for being hot and heavy in chambers, multiple times with an intern and an attorney. According to the news item, the intern expected employment in the prosecutor’s office and…

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