NANA Day 21: Sexual Inhibitions

sex inhibitionSexual desire fluctuates according to life changes.

A person either had sexual desire before and later became disinterested. Examples of these are:

  • pregnancy and body changes
  • different partners
  • menopause
  • hormonal imblances
  • conflict in relationships
  • infidelity
  • lack of emotional connection

Health crises and use of medication can affect sex drives causing painful intercourse, impotence and delayed…

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NANA Day 20: Healing The Pain Of A Bad First Time

Sex First TimeFirst time sexual experiences differ for everyone. It is life-changing, produces anxiety and can be the root of a negative perception of subsequent sexual experiences. A negative first time experience breeds a negative view of future intimate encounters and vice versa.

Those who had a traumatic first sexual experience may suffer from:

  • low self-esteem
  • poor body image
  • uncomfortable with sexual…

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NANA Day 19: Self-Care

Buddha quote Practice self-care. Pay attention to your body.

Positive energy surges through a healthy body and a sound mind.

Be mindful of your diet. Keep up on doctor’s appointments.

Listen to your body.

Make adequate sleep a priority.

Take a yoga class. Join a spinning class. Walk the nature trails around your neighborhood.

Sharpen your brains with puzzles and challenging activities that test the limits of…

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NANA DAY 18: Extra-Curricular Activities

Life quote Knowing yourself involves trying new things and moving out of your comfort zone.

Find ways to discover all you can about yourself. Sign up for a cooking class, salsa dance lessons or even pole dancing classes.

Trash any “can’t do” self-talk. Think outside of the box.

Engaging in extra-curricular activities unlocks the following benefits:

  • Increases self-confidence
  • Opens up new opportunities…

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