Labor Day Weekend Is For Lovers!

Labor Day is on the horizon! It is a great time for lovers to pack their bags and try soaking in the last days of summer.

How Do You Know Your Relationship Is Normal?

Like me, you’re in vacation mode. Enjoy this infographic on the stages of a relationship by…

Hot Topics: How ‘50 Shades’ May Cause Abusive Hookups

Hot Topics: How ’50 Shades’ May Cause Abusive Hookups

Today’s post is a round-up of intriguing news pieces I have found from several quarters of cyberspace. They tickled my brain cells and I wanted share them with my readers. This will be lengthy. Let’s get started.

Lesbian love interlocking rainbow rings symbol (CC)

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How about having random sex with complete strangers for a year?

The Daily Beastran an article of a German artist who vowed to have sex with a different man everyday to explore…

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Great Quote from Love In The Time Of Cholera.

How Facebook Reflects On You And Your Relationships (Infographic)

I found this informative infographic about Facebook and relationships. Thanks! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Let’s Talk About Sex In A Box

Let’s Talk About Sex In A Box


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This is actually happening.

WEtv is about to make its way into America’s chambers by airing an American version of the UK-based tv show Sex Box.

I do not understand why there are many raised eyebrows.  The Bachelor  and The Bachelorette leaves nothing up to the imagination when the doors click and the lights dim.

It was going to happen.


Only recently, VH1’s Dating…

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Past Sex Lives: Dem Loose Lips

Past Sex Lives: Dem Loose Lips

couple fighting

People break up everyday but when it happens in Hollywood, it is like a seismic event.

This past week, the media squawked about rumours of America’s Got Talent MC Nick Cannon and Grammy Award winning singer Mariah Carey possibly heading to divorce court.

Some of the sources of conflict appears to stem from Cannon’s past hookups with an infamous Kardashian and a public admission about his past sex…

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Ferguson’s Divide, The Haves and The Have Nots | Mashable

Take BuzzFeed's 12-Day Love Yourself Challenge

I am most certainly in! Join in with me! Absolutely marvelous idea!